Expanding into the Future and Preparing for Winter

We at Berkshire East are excited to see the colors of the hills changing as we work tirelessly to prepare for winter. There are several projects on going at the mountain this fall to expand our commitment in being the best family fun and outdoor recreation destination in southern New England. The most obvious project is the new 12,000 square foot addition to our main base lodge. This structure will offer an additional 250 seats, new food service and apr├Ęs ski lounge area. There has also been some exciting trail work with the widening of UMass, Hemlock and Wilderness will provide additional terrain and race training space. The most tangible change will be seen in a massive improvement in the snowmaking system with 17 addition stationary guns and a large improvement in the pumping system to improve efficiency and overall production.

Berkshire East has made huge strides in the last five years to distinguish itself as the only outdoor recreation resort in the world that draws all of its required power usage from onsite renewable energy sources. With the 900Kw Wind Turbine and the 500Kw Solar field, the mountain produces more energy than it uses during the year and does so in a clean and responsible way. These large projects will allow the mountain to head into the future with less reliance and exposure to the potential swings in future energy costs but, more importantly, do this in a clean and responsible way.

Berkshire East is heading into its 37th year with some exciting changes in efforts to offer the best possible experience for visiting guests. The mountain has been proud to be a major attraction in the hill town region, drawing more than a 100,000 skier visits during the winter season and close to 12,000 zip liners during the warm months. The mountain employs more than 250 people during the winter months and over 50 people during the summer. For three decades, Berkshire East has been a business that has added economic strength to the local region and with our recent growth and developments in renewable energy production, we hope to head into the future improving our offerings to guests and remaining a strong employer for decades to come.

We invite all of our friends in the surrounding hill towns to visit the new lodge this winter for a great cup of coffee or for an exciting day of skiing. We hope that you can come and see all of our new changes and experience how we are making responsible steps towards the future. Even though economic times have been rough for the last six years, Berkshire East has found success by providing the highest possible level of outdoor recreation and quality experiences to families in an affordable way. We want everyone to get outdoors and enjoy the true beauty of the hills of Western Massachusetts.

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