2014 February

 Chronicle will be featuring Shelburne Falls this Monday evening,  February 24th at 7:30 PM on Channel 5 in Boston.  If you do not get Channel 5, it will also be live-streamed on their website

The segments will also be posted on their website the following morning, but only for a few days.   However, if you bookmark the video page you will have access even after we take the videos off our website.   Feel free to share with your far flung friends, family, and Hollywood casting agents (not such an outrageous notion for Shelburne Falls)!
Thank you to all of the businesses and residents for your time meeting with the crew from Chronicle!

Saturday, March 22nd, 2:00 - 6:30 at Memorial Hall, Shelburne Falls
"I laughed for two solid hours. The show only lasted an hour and a half." - Joel Siegel, ABC-TV.

Be part of GFSABA member Piti Theatre's celebration of spring, syrup and the arts! Attend as an audience member, donate a raffle prize, or get your name out there as a festival sponsor.

Piti Theatre's 2014 festival features headliner Avner the Eccentric performing his physical comedy Broadway hit "Exceptions to Gravity" at 5 pm. Also featuring storyteller John Porcino (3:15 pm), Piti's "Elmer and the Elder Tree"(2 pm), syrup tasting, raffle, and more. All day tix: $12 adults, $5 children 12 and under. Avner will offer "Freeze: Fight, Flight or Fidget" a workshop for teachers, performers and anyone interested in provoking laughter on 3/23 at Shelburne Falls Yoga, 2 - 5 pm, limited enrollment, $30. Schedule & reservations:, 625-6569

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