Once again, you will see stars in Shelburne Falls. This time though, it is not Hollywood Stars, but Film Location Stars designed and crafted locally by Ashfield Stone. Ashfield Stone Crew
With funding from the MA Film Office, the Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association (GSFABA) collaborated with Ashfield Stone to develop one of the first Film Tourism Programs in the state.

Hollywood’s Walk of Fame was a bit of an inspiration”, said Mary Vilbon, executive director of the Business Association. “We wanted to celebrate the fact that two major productions, Labor Day (2012) and The Judge (2013), were filmed in Shelburne Falls, supporting local businesses in Buckland and Shelburne, bringing visitors to the village, and putting the beauty and wonder of West County onto the big screen.”

Johanna Pratt owner of Ashfield Stone donated the handcrafted stars that were designed by stone craftsman, Brandon Osman. Each star made of local Ashfield Schist stone was cut and polished and the seven stars took a total of 35 hours to complete. “It was fun for our whole shop to create these “rock stars” said Johanna Pratt. “ Mary Vilbon came up with this great concept for the village and we ran with it.”

Carriage House Designs in Turners Falls engraved and installed the stars. “Each star is just a little bit different and we customized the installation depending on the buildings surface,” "This is such a great project to be involved with. And, of course, working with Ashfield stone is always a treat” said Jack Nelson, principal at Carriage House.

The stars in Shelburne Falls are located at Salmon Falls Gallery, Greenfield Savings Bank, Baker Pharmacy, Keystone Market, Memorial Hall, and Singley Furniture and Mole Hollow buildings (both businesses have changed hands and are being re-developed for new purposes that complement the Shelburne Falls business district).
The stars are just one part of the GSFABA Film Tourism Program. In addition, the Business Association has a page designated on its tourism website,; information about each of the productions; and a walking tour map to download. Also, GSFABA will have a film reel at the Shelburne Falls Village Information Center that operates continuously. The Visitor Center attracts nearly 10,000 visitors each year and is open from May 1st – October 31st each year.

Pothole Pictures will be showing The Judge on May 29 & 30 at 7:30 PM at Memorial Hall in Shelburne.

For more information about films made in Shelburne Falls contact the GSFABA at 413-625-2526 or The Association serves businesses, nonprofit organizations and communities in the western portion of Franklin County.

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