The pre-subscription campaign for the WiredWest fiber network is now underway! Each town needs to get 40% of the residents and businesses to pre-subscribe before network construction can begin. Please register!

Seven of the towns in the Greater SFABA membership area (Ashfield, Charlemont, Colrain, Hawley, Heath, Plainfield and Rowe) are currently asking residents to Wired Westpre-subscribe for internet service. If these towns demonstrate sufficient interest and the voters approve the required borrowing authorization at town meeting, these towns are eligible to join the regional network.

The WiredWest fiber network will provide reliable, affordable, high speed internet, phone and video services to all homes and businesses in the member towns. The ubiquitous availability of these services will be a huge boost to the local economy. High speed internet enables our businesses to remain competitive and creates jobs. High speed internet strengthens the local economy by increasing real estate values and enabling remote work opportunities and part-time telecommuting. For the tourism industry, high speed internet allows us to offer our visitors the world-class telecommunications services they want and expect.

The pre-subscription campaign is the crucial first step. Each town needs to get 40% of the residents and businesses to pre-subscribe before network construction can begin. Each resident or business is being asked to sign up for service and pay a pre-subscription fee of $49, which will be applied to the first month’s bill when service is available. The fee is fully refundable if a subscriber moves or changes their mind. Landlords and building owners are asked to pre-subscribe for their rental and commercial properties. You can subscribe online (or by mail) at

The regional network will be run by WiredWest, a non-profit cooperative of 40+ small towns in Western Massachusetts. Delegates from each town will make up the cooperative’s board of directors, ensuring local ownership and control, and local, experienced professionals will be retained to operate the network. Additional funding and resources for network construction will come through the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI), a state agency, which has allocated $40M for regional broadband solutions in our area. For more information, visit

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