The Shelburne Falls Village Network (SFVN) has an easy-to-complete survey at businesses and meeting places around the community. Every resident in Shelburne Falls is encouraged to fill in the survey so the Network Steering Committee can build on the initial suggestions and recommendations it gathered at the February 21st "Talk About Town." More than 50 people attended the SFVN event to post ideas for the Village on a large wall-map, answer survey questions, and discuss what they like and don’t like about Shelburne Falls.

Results are preliminary, but in compiling the notes on the wall map most comments emphasized infrastructure needs – access to the river and green space and lack of parking – and economic development concerns – vacant (privately owned) or underutilized (town owned) buildings and wanting more cultural and recreational activities and programming for all ages.

Attendees gave the Network a glimpse as to what they want for the Village’s future by answering the survey that is now in businesses and gathering places. In compiling initial responses, residents suggested the following were most important to them:

  • Preserving the Deerfield River and community character;
  • Dealing with infrastructure issues;
  • Improving the economy and infrastructure for Village businesses and residents;
  • Shopping regularly in Shelburne Falls – only one resident of the 29 does not shop in Shelburne Falls at all, others say they shopped in the Village at least once a week;
  • Better than half of the respondents think businesses are struggling or just getting by;
  • Almost half attending said they are involved or want to be involved in helping the community; and
  • Many expressed appreciation for the opportunity to share their opinions about the future of Shelburne Falls.

By compiling, tallying and publishing public comments from residents, SFVN wants to encourage citizens to become active and vocal in Shelburne and Buckland by regularly attending town’s board meetings or serving on a town board; adopt projects on a volunteer basis to help improve our community; and support the Towns and area nonprofits to create a prosperous future for Shelburne Falls based on residents’ thoughts about how they might focus their energy and resources in revitalizing Shelburne Falls.

Please join your friends and neighbors for a second community forum on May 15 at 6:30 PM at the Buckland Town Hall on State Street in Shelburne Falls. Here, the Network Steering Committee will be sharing the specific results of all the surveys collected, identifying emerging themes, and discussing the conditions and actions needed to accomplish our goals as a community. We hope to see you there!

The Network is a forum for communication and discussion about the Village – its economic vitality and infrastructure. It promotes the sharing of ideas and is working collaboratively to establish a vision for the future of Shelburne Falls. To learn more, “like” us on the Shelburne Falls Village Network Facebook page or send thoughts via email at

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