Dear Shelburne Falls Compost Collaborative Members and other Shelburne Falls Restaurants,

I'm sending this to you just because I am excited about this new LOCAL waste cooking oil recycling option! (I'm not directly involved, and this is not part of the compost collaborative, but it is another green option for your business.)

Did you hear the news? Northeast Biodiesel’s Greenfield, MA facility is up and running! Northeast Biodiesel collects used cooking oil from local restaurants and institutions and RECYCLES it into fuel for trucks, tractors, cars, and home heating oil systems.

WHO? Northeast Biodiesel, LLC is a biofuel manufacturing plant committed to producing high quality renewable fuel in a sustainable way. Its majority owner, Co-op Power, is a sustainable energy cooperative owned by consumers in New England and New York, primarily in Massachusetts.

HOW? Northeast Biodiesel will place a 55-gallon drum or other container at your restaurant or facility and pump it out when full. Northeast Biodiesel is currently paying $0.25/gallon for used cooking oil.

WHY? Biodiesel is a compelling alternative to fossil fuels for heating homes, and fueling cars, school buses, trucks and tractors because it can be directly substituted in any diesel engine or oil heat system without modification, and according to the EPA, has a lifecycle greenhouse gas emission profile showing an 86% reduction over diesel and gasoline emissions. With your help this partnership will inspire the biodiesel movement in New England, stimulating the economy through new job generation (14 new jobs in Greenfield), promoting and recognizing local institutions and restaurants, raising public interest and supporting alternative energy education in the community.

Typically, other recyclers here in Massachusetts send their oil out of state, which creates more, not less, carbon emissions. By using Northeast Biodiesel you are truly supporting a better environment for Massachusetts.

WHEN? NOW! Waste cooking oil is already being picked up. For more information or to have a container placed at your facility, please contact:
Steven Ronhave
Northeast Biodiesel Company, Renewable Vegetable Oil Specialist

Sent from Amy Donovan,
Program Director, Franklin County Solid Waste Management District

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