The Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association (GSFABA) created a new 501c3 subsidiary, WEST COUNTY ARTS & CULTURE (WCAC) in 2016. It was formed to promote the many vibrant arts and culture initiatives in our region that are a vital part of our economy and quality of life. The  organization creates opportunities for the GSFABA to create programming and new funding to support the Creative Economy, an important part of our mission.
The mission of WCAC is to produce and/or present arts and cultural programs, such as Hilltown Arts and Thriving Community Happenings (HATCH).   Also, WCAC may produce and/or support educational programs about sustainability, ecology, and heritage.
The board of directors of GSFABA will serve as the board for the new organization, which holds monthly board meetings.
Email wcac@shelburnefalls.com or call 413-625-2526.

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