Among the things I love most about living and working here in the Hilltowns are the surprise encounters that just magically happen! I had an experience a few weeks ago I thought you might enjoy...

I was walking across the Bridge of Flowers on my way to stock the map brochures. While appreciating the beauty of the bridge, I was also feeling a little stressed -- just returned from vacation, thinking about all the deadlines and hundreds of details needing attention to make our big upcoming events successful (see below for details).

About halfway across the bridge, a young couple asked me to take their picture. Accommodating photography requests is one of my favorite spontaneous activities so I said, “Yes, happy to!” The young man handed me his phone and then there was discussion of which way to face, what flowers to have in the background, whether or not the young woman should take off her sunglasses. I fiddled with his I-Phone, making sure I had the right button to push, while he fussed with a small cooler as he put her sunglasses away. He then approached her, ready for the photo – but suddenly dropped to one knee and produced a ring box!

She was dumbfounded! I started taking pictures as fast as I could - then she screamed, cried, and held out her hand as he placed the ring on her finger and they embraced – all with me as witness. It was a wonderful moment – and put all my concerns and worries of a few moments earlier into perspective. Thanks to David and Jen for reminding me of the power, the wonder, and the magic of love. Wishing them all the best and that their love will see them through.

engagement on the bridge

Have a wonderful summer.


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