Mohawk Trail Regional School
Capstone Mentoring Program

Each semester, Mohawk Trail Regional School (MTRS) high school
seniors are required to complete a capstone project as a part of their
graduation requirements and seek the guidance and mentorship of
those within the community. Pairing students with experts in their
field, a capstone mentor is a critical piece of the experience. But what is
a “capstone project” and what does becoming a capstone mentor

A capstone project, simply put, is a senior exhibition piece—work that is
completed throughout the year which culminates in a final
presentation, demonstration, and research paper. The program
provides students with three pathways of exploration (career focused,
service learning, and personal interest) and projects can take shape in
many forms. Projects should challenge students to think critically and
provide them with an opportunity to enhance their communication
skills, collaboration, time management, etc.—skills which will prepare
them for college or the workforce.

As a capstone mentor, you may be asked to participate in a variety of

Hosting a student to job shadow or intern in your field
Serve on a capstone panel and provide feedback to stu dents
presenting their projects
Serve as a resource or allo w students to interview you
Your time commitment with the capstone mentoring program is up to
you; You choose your level of involvement! Our program is flexible and
we are grateful for any time you can donate. There are many pathways
of involvement with our capstone mentoring program and we hope
you will consider becoming a part of the process.
Contact Mohawk Trail Regional School Capstone program supervisor
Michelle MacInnes at or (413) 625-9811.
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