To help the business sectors grow, town centers to thrive, and the region to develop sustainably, Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association is greatly involved in the following initiatives.

Shelburne Falls is the location for two new movies – Labor Day and The Judge.  Filmed in 2012 and 2013 respectively, the films take place in rural places just like Shelburne Falls, albeit it “Holton Mills, NH” and “Carlinville, IN.”  Labor Day was released last winter, including a premiere shown at Memorial Hall and organized by GSFABA, Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism and Paramount Pictures. The Judge, a Warner Bros. film, will be premiered this October.

Labor Day stars Kate Winslett and Josh Brolin. The Judge stars Robert Downey, Jr., Robert Duval, Vincent D’Onofrio, Vera Farmiga, and Bill Bob Thorton.


The Village of Shelburne Falls is one of only two rural Cultural Districts in the Commonwealth. The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) honored the community with the designation in 2012, stating "A thriving creative sector is one of our Commonwealth's most powerful economic development assets." Legislation for the MCC’s Cultural Districts Initiative was authorized in 2010, and the program was launched in April 2011.

The GSFABA is proud to have nominated Shelburne Falls for the designation with the support of the Towns of Buckland and Shelburne and is thrill to be working with the MCC to celebrate the arts, artistry, and cultural vibrance of the Village for the next 5 years, the length of the designation.


This rural pairing of two villages – Shelburne and Buckland – on either side of the Deerfield River joined by an historic iron bridge is a delightful surprise. Honored as one of the “100 Best Small Art Towns in America” the towns are recognized as a nationally desirable cultural destination. Shelburne Falls gets it all right – preserving its historic, small town character while being open to the best of modern life. It is a village with a thriving cultural community nestled in the heart of farms and country roads. Enjoy world class opera in Memorial Hall’s Met Live series. Visit eclectic art and crafts galleries and studios throughout the village. Enjoy the ambience of Mocha Maya’s Coffee House offering live music year-round. The Bridge of Flowers, once a busy trolley bridge, is now a world famous garden. Visit the trolley museum, the candlepin museum, or the curious geological potholes. Linger in local eateries. Fun family-friendly fairs and festivals throughout the year celebrate the arts, culture and nature of Shelburne Falls and the surrounding hill towns.

Massachusetts Cultural Council 2012

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The Shelburne Falls Compost Collaborative (SFCC) participants share a “commercial compost” dumpster for food and paper waste. The dumpster is emptied once a week by a waste hauler already in town to service McCusker’s Market, a longtime composter. The materials are taken to Martin’s Farm Recycling in Greenfield, where they are transformed into nutrient-rich compost.

SFCC is supported by the following six eateries: The Blue Rock Restaurant, Hearty Eats, Mocha Maya’s Coffee, Pub & Music Venue, Mo's Fudge Factor, and West End Pub. The program was launched in 2010 by The Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association(GSFABA), Franklin County Solid Waste Management District (FCSWMD), and ECS, Inc. In 2012 the Bridge of Flowers gardeners were invited to join the collaborative free of charge. Trailside Health and Mirick Insurance are also contributors. The Town of Shelburne graciously allows the Collaborative’s compost dumpster to be placed in a town parking lot. Thank you!

Because the material is processed at an on-farm facility, all types of organically based wastes can be composted. All food waste, including items not recommended for home composting such as meat, poultry, bones, dairy, fats and oily foods, can be composted at a commercial composting facility. In addition, all paper waste, such as paper napkins, paper towels, paper cups, plates and waxed cardboard, (items that are not recyclable and therefore usually destined for the trash,) are acceptable for composting at this facility.

The opportunities for waste diversion from food service establishments are significant. 60-80% of a restaurant’s solid waste is food, according to the EPA. Paul St. Martin, owner of one of the West End Pub, said he has been able to divert compostable waste from his trash dumpster by “keeping separate buckets and having employees put all the compost scraps in one and all the non-compostable items in the other. The best part is we cut our trash in half.”

Local businesses have joined together to support Franklin County’s composting infrastructure; to reduce waste that usually is sent to local landfills; and in most cases, to cut trash volume by 50% or more. In addition, they are helping slow climate change, as food and paper waste sent to landfills emits methane, a heat-trapping greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Questions? Email info@franklincountywastedistrict.org or call 413-772-2438.

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Come For the Opportunity...

Few places offer the quality of life and opportunities that we have here in the ten town Greater Shelburne Falls Region, where you will find that perfect balance between life, work and play. The region’s cultural and recreational tourism industry is well established and brings nearly $60 million dollars annually in domestic travel expenditures to the region. Closer to home is an incredibly strong community of local people working together. In addition to a strong history of family owned businesses, this collaboration has blossomed into several business clusters that include Recreation & Tourism, Arts & Culture, Agriculture, Light Industrial, and Natural & Holistic Healing. Download our Business Development Profile.

The GSFABA, is very active in pursuing grants for the business association.  Recently, we applied to the National Endowment for the Arts and an Adams Grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Shelburne Falls is a 2013 recipient under the distinction "For a city, town, or community-based organization that has demonstrated the central role of arts and culture in building healthier, more vital, more livable communities."

As recently as the 1960s, when visitors came to the Village of Shelburne Falls to stroll across the Bridge of Flowers and savor the beauty of its garden of hundreds of varieties of annual and perennial flowers, there was not much more that invited visitors to stay in the town. It was during this time that local residents, business leaders, and town officials through the GSFABA made the conscious decision to make the Village of Shelburne Falls a destination for lovers of the arts, fine crafts, local cuisine, and history.

Today, Shelburne Falls, nestled within the Berkshire foothills in the towns of Buckland and Shelburne along the Deerfield River, is an internationally recognized New England treasure. Each year, tens of thousands of people visit one of the “100 Best Small Art Towns in America.”

 Shelburne Falls gets it all right – preserving its historic small town character while being open to the best of modern life. Our thriving cultural community lives and works right in the heart of a rural landscape of wooded hills, family farms, and winding country roads. Visitors can enjoy world-class opera in 1898 Memorial Hall Theater’s Met Live series, or discover eclectic art and crafts galleries and working studios throughout the village. Mocha Maya’s Coffee House offers live music year-round, and our fine restaurants stimulate visitors’ palates with fresh, innovative local foods.

With all the working artists in the surrounding 10 towns, it’s no surprise that Shelburne Arts Cooperative and the Salmon Falls Artisan Showroom together feature nearly 150 artists from across the region. Lamson & Goodnow is one of the oldest manufacturers of fine cutlery in the nation, and still manufactures its high-quality products here. Don’t miss L&G’s Factory Outlet. Ride the fully restored Trolley No. 10, lone survivor of the streetcars the Shelburne Falls and Colrain Street Railroad ran across the Bridge of Flowers and up Main Street in the early 1900s. Visit Shelburne Falls Bowling, the second oldest candlepin bowling alley in North America, where they’ve been bowling since 1906. And, experience the curious geological formation known as the Glacial Potholes at the base of Salmon Falls, a traditional fishing site for Native Americans.

Annual events include the Bridge of Flowers 10K Road Race, which was run for the 34th time in 2012, and RiverFest, celebrating the history and nature of the Deerfield River. The Iron Bridge Dinner, held at sunset on a summer evening at long tables set up on the 1890 Iron Bridge over the Deerfield. is an elegant fine dining experience. Holiday season’s candlelit Moonlight Magic rounds out this unique community’s celebrations of the arts, culture and nature of Shelburne Falls.

A link to the State site: http://www.massculturalcouncil.org/conference/comawards.asp

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